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Transform the operation of rail networks.


Partner with our customers to transform their rail networks through the power of rail knowledge and technology to enable optimised decision-making through insights, real-time asset management, predictions and modelling. Our target is to drive value across the network by delivering increased availability, reliability, productivity and safety and decreased OPEX costs. 

Our Story

With emerging and constantly changing technologies and data, Praedico is focused on solving problems to create value and deliver outcomes in an ever-changing environment.


Founded in 2023, Praedico utilises our Willowrail platform to focus on our core business in optimising rail networks to drive performance, reliability, value and safety. 


With offices in the US, the Netherlands and Australia we partner with our clients to deliver outcomes and tangible benefits by combining our industry-leading rail domain knowledge and software expertise. 

At Praedico, we are rail people. While we have the smartest technologists in the industry, our team also includes experienced rail industry veterans who understand the day-to-day challenges of operating a network.

Praedico for Rail integrates operational data and asset management information into a simple and intuitive software platform. By aggregating, organising and managing the static, spatial and live data for all rail assets,

it creates a data-driven digital rail network.

The platform allows the progression from reactive or planned maintenance to a predictive or AI-driven approach, maximising the efficiency of maintenance, optimising capacity and increasing availability.

Rail Expertise

Challenges We are Solving

Disconnected systems

Railway networks have disconnected systems controlled by proprietary software that doesn't communicate with each other. 

Data, data everywhere

Data is pouring in by the minute from various sources, but it's inconsistent, disconnected, and unstructured, making it challenging for operators to decipher.

Lack of real-time insights

Decision-makers lack accurate and up-to-date information, leading to significant challenges in meeting or improving KPIs, as they make decisions based on old or inaccurate data.

Disrupted network performance

Owners and managers make critical decisions manually which can result in poorly considered investments and maintenance decisions, reactive maintenance cycles, missed KPIs, siloed data, and a poor understanding of network and component performance.

Transport by rail is currently considered one of the most sustainable options. Scientists globally generally agree on this point. The choice of transportation for commuting travel to families, friends, events or even going on holidays etc., should ideally be a given, not a choice.

Praedico takes pride in contributing to the attractiveness of rail transport for both people and goods through our products. We work passionately every day to improve our products, thus supporting our customers in delivering even better performance.

With our products, we assist our customers in:
  • We are executing work with the right resources at the right time, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. 

  • Applying lifecycle models to minimize material waste and promote reuse.

  • Preventing disruptions and making rail transport an even more reliable alternative compared to modes of transportation with a larger carbon footprint.

  • Making informed investment choices for the future using models.

What we do ourselves:

  • When we need to travel, we opt for rail travel (as one would expect). 

  • Whenever possible, we choose rail travel for distances shorter than 600 km.

  • We make use of refurbished office equipment wherever feasible


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