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Use Cases

Our rail platform provides critical capabilities in a collaborative environment to deliver the fastest route to value across all rail networks from heavy haul to passenger networks.

Customer Case Studies

Heavy Haul Customer in WA, Australia

  • Implement Praedico solution for integrated asset management​

  • Asset visualisation

  • Relative reporting and decision making​

  • Forecasting and predictive maintenance 

  • Improved decision making enabling​ improved performance

​Real-time maintenance decision-making of critical rail infrastructure has improved the asset integrity of the railway which has incrementally improved the productivity of the rail network. A combination of tonnage increase, rail availability and maintenance

  • Real-time view of the network for asset fault response 

​We enable track inspectors to conduct preventative maintenance measures as opposed to scheduled maintenance.

  • Relative risk reduction 

​We enable our customers to stay under their Relative Risk Reduction​threshold of 30%,  which is a threshold set by their business as​what is tolerable. ​


3.01M tonnes​

Additional Tonnes

609 FTE hours​

Cost saving

Under 30%​

Relative risk reduction threshold

European Passenger Network​

  • Reduce downtime by improving response time and efficiency of maintenance. ​

  • Connect the customers' Rail Asset Control Centre to their​
    on-duty maintenance response personnel.

  • Improvement in overall network performance 

We combined several disparate systems into a single, intuitive platform. ​​

This allowed operators to: ​

- Easily monitor rail asset performance ​

- Create, triage and assign fault tickets to maintenance teams​

- Reduce downtime.

- Improve overall network performance.

  • Real-time view of the network for asset fault response

The Control Centre enabled Front Office Engineers to efficiently manage asset fault response across the contract area with a real-time view of available resources and their location​

  • Live Data in the Hands of the Workforce 

Rail maintenance teams were armed with a mobile application that created a real-time connection between the maintenance worker and Control Centre. ​

Maintenance teams receive real-time faults on their device and are provided with all the necessary information including asset documentation, GPS navigation and safety information to effectively and efficiently address network faults. ​


99.9% ​

Improved availability from 97%

up to 50%​

Per annum saved​

up to 20%​

Reduced maintenance costs

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